This summer, we are inviting local residents, health clinics, farmers, community gardeners, faith-based organizations, k-12 schools, universities, government institutions and others from across the Forsyth County region to come together to help launch this initiative and tangibly grow the first seeds of this new Restoration Economy!

People are already gearing up to co-plant a small salsa garden and sunflowers with their neighbors, churches, and organizations! Later this summer, these salsa ingredients will be harvested for an event where we will all come together to make homemade salsa and experience first-hand the power of regeneration! This also will kick off a new program for linking Food to Entrepreneurship and Health.

Then, in the fall of 2018, we will harvest the sunflowers for both seed saving and pressing the harvested seeds into both oil and seed cakes (animal feed). The oil will then be used as a part of an Alternative Energies course at the Winston Salem Career Center to produce biodiesel fuel!

Each of these events will be opportunities for the community to experience the power of regeneration and become a part of the community-wide effort to build a Restoration Economy.

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